Hays Travel Independence Group

Hays Travel Independence Group utilises over 40 years of travel industry experience and knowledge to provide independent travel companies with the tools and support necessary to run a thriving business.

As one of our members you can enjoy the best of both worlds – having the support of a large travel industry organisation, without compromising your independent status and identity.

The group is formed of a diverse range of travel businesses, from high street shops to telesales operations, online travel agents, corporate travel management companies, and tour operators. We recognise that each business is unique and that each of our members requires tailored support to suit the nature of their business.

Whether you're looking for more support with your business, or you're starting up from scratch, the Independence Group can help your business grow and thrive with excellent commercial terms, leading travel technology, back-office efficiencies, and ongoing support from our industry experts.

"The Independence Group is dedicated to supporting you in making your travel business as efficient and successful as possible. We can offer you the best commercial terms and technology available, and we have the best people on-hand to provide you with ongoing support."