Robin Deller Imagine Cruising

Having sold a highly successful cruise agency, the management team from Imagine Cruising knew exactly what they were looking for in a partner for our new venture. Having a strong entrepreneurial streak and a clear idea of what we wanted to achieve, we needed to work with a consortium who shared our ambitions and would encourage rapid growth.

After consulting with John Hays, we were confident that the Hays Travel Independence Group would be a good fit with our new venture. From the first meeting, it was clear that John’s outlook on business was the same as ours. We wanted to act as a Tour Operator as well as an Agent, and Hays Travel’s ATOL was essential. It allowed us to create unique products which would be aimed at the new to cruise market. The focus on having the best technology was also an important factor when deciding to join.

Since joining have received extensive support and have been impressed by their willingness to listen to questions we have raised and improvements we have suggested. We would recommend any agency looking for a supportive and friendly consortium to speak to the Hays Travel Independence Group.
Robin Deller
Robin Deller
Tour Operator member since 2011